Water based cleaners

Water based cleaners offer an environmental alternative to solvent based cleaners which, when applied effectively, are equally effective. 

AD Waalhaven produces and supplies a range of water based cleaners based on both acids and alkalines and can be applied in cold and warm processes. They are also available in liquid form, as well as powder forms and can be adjusted from low to high foaming.

AD Waalhaven water based cleaners include:

  • Degreasers
  • High pressure cleaners
  • Rust removers/inhibitors
  • De-scalers
  • Washing machine cleaners including BUPI cleaners


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Solvent based cleaners

AD Waalhaven solvent cleaners are widely used across the engineering industry for degreasing and cleaning mechanical components.

Paint strippers

AD Waalhaven produces and supplies a range of methylene chloride based and methylene chloride free strippers that are effective in removing the following from a wide range of substrate materials.

Private label

AD Waalhaven Private Label service offers customers the opportunity to maintain and build their own brand identity by supplying their customer base with a range of cleaning products under their own label together with MSDS (Materials Data Safety Sheet) support.