Sodium Dichromate Solutions

  • Specialty blends: sodium dichromate solutions
  • Alternative for Sodium dichromate powders
  • REACH registered supplier

AD Productions is a European based supplier of speciality chemicals and is expert in handling sodium dichromate and production of sodium dichromate solutions. AD Productions ships its sodium dichromate products globally.



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Sodium dichromate solutions

Sodium dichromate solutions are an appropriate and cost-effective liquid method of shipping bulk quantities. Liquids are convenient because the need for manual handling (crystal dissolving) is not required. Liquid sodium dichromate chemicals therefore offer a cleaner, safer and healthier working environment and can lower costs due to reduced housekeeping and maintenance requirements.

We have the possibility to produce custom sodium dichromate solutions according to your specific demands and wishes.

Sodium dichromate solution is the perfect alternative for sodium dichromate 2AQ and 0AQ powders which are not available anymore in 25 kg bags.

Product information Sodium Dichromate

Sodium dichromate (VI) has the formula Na2Cr2O7., and is also known as sodium bichromate or bichromate of soda. It is an important starting material for a wide variety of other known chromium compounds (see also other chrome based chemicals).

Product offer: Sodium dichromate
Sodium dichromate (solution)
AD Product name:Sodium Dichromate solution
Appearance: A liquid with a dark orange colour. Odourless.
CAS Number: For compounds/Ingredients
EC number:
Index number:
Quality: We can supply different concentrations of the solution, please contact us for the possibilities. Perfect alternative for Sodium Dichromate 2AQ and 0AQ powders.

REACH (EC 1907/2006)

AD International is fully aware of REACH and its implications. As a sodium dichromate solution producer for some of the World’s most renown chemical companies we are committed to continuously meeting our legal obligations. AD International has a full REACH registration for handling this substance, including metal finishing.

REACH Registration number:                      01-2119435525-40-0008

Safety label information

Restricted to professional users. Always refer to the Material Safety datasheet for correct use. Sodium dichromate (powders and solutions) are hazardous substances and can harm your health and the environment, if used inappropriately. Labelling according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008. The substance is classified and labelled according to the CLP regulation.

Safety information
Sodium dichromate (solution),Sodium dichromate liquor
Hazard pictogram codes:GHS05 GHS06 GHS08 GHS09
Signal word: Danger
Hazard-determining components of labelling:sodium dichromate, dihydrate, sodium dichromate

Packaging and delivery

AD Productions supplies its chromate based chemicals from the production facility in Heijningen, the Netherlands. The facility is in close proximity to the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Packaging options
Sodium dichromate (solution)
Minimum order quantity (MOQ):25 KG (pail/can)
~1400 KG (1 IBC)
Delivery time (approx.):on request
Packaging IBC, UN approved
ADR6.1/ UN 3287 (liquid)

Please note; AD Productions is a service business, other custom packaging needs can be arranged on request.

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Application areas

Sodium dichromate has various uses, the most important direct uses are:

  • Metal finishing/surface treatment: corrosion resistance, paint adhesion properties, supports cleaning the metal surface
  • Metal working auxiliary
  • Electroplating
  • Pigments: preparation of pigments and as corrosion inhibitor
  • ceramics: used in the production of colored glass and ceramic glazes
  • Catalyst for the chromium metal production
  • Laboratory chemical
  • Initial product for chemical reactions
  • Chemical intermediate
  • Surface modifiers
  • Surface additive
  • Chromium source in preparing other chromium compounds (see chrome based chemicals)
  • Formulation (mixing) of preparations and/or re-packaging (excluding alloys)
  • Manufacture of plastics products, including compounding and conversion
  • Industrial uses: uses of substances as such or in preparations at industrial sites

Alternate chemical market names/ synonyms

Sodium dichromate, dichromate, sodium, bichromate of soda, sodium bichromate, 10588-01-9, Bicromato di sodio (Italy), Sodio (dicromato di) (Italy), Dichromate de sodium (France), Sel disodique de l’acide dichromique (France), Sodium(dichromate de) (France), Bichromate de sodium (France), Natriumbichromaat  (Netherlands), Natriumdichromaat  (Netherlands), Natriumdichromat (Germany), Natriumdichromat(VI) (Germany), Disodium dichromate (VI), dichromic acid, disodium salt, dichromic acid, sodium salt , DICHROMIC ACID,SODIUM SALT , disodium (diketo-oxido-chromio)oxy-diketo-oxido-chromium , disodium dichromate, disodium oxido-(oxido-dioxochromio)oxy-dioxochromium, disodium oxido-(oxido-dioxo-chromio)oxy-dioxo-chromium, Na2[Cr2O7], Na2Cr2O7, Dichromic acid, disodium salt, Disodium dichromium heptaoxide, SODIUM DICHROMATE (NA2(CR2O7))

Chrome Based Chemicals

AD Productions has extensive experience in handling chromates and chromic acids that have a wide range of uses and applications.

Chromic Acid

AD is expert in handling and producing chromic acid (dichromic acid, chromium trioxide anhydrous) flakes and solutions.