Chrome Based Chemicals

AD Productions for chrome based chemicals is strategically located in the heart of Western Europe and is specialised in the production and supply of chromium based chemicals. We ship our chemicals to renowned companies worldwide.

AD Productions has extensive experience in handling chromates (sodium dichromate, chromium trioxide/dichromic acid, chrome III) and chromic acids, that have a wide range of uses and applications. 

AD Productions specializes in liquid based chrome chemicals, that offer a number of advantages over powder based systems.

Liquid chemicals offer a cleaner, safer and healthier working environment and can lower costs, due to reduced housekeeping and maintenance requirements.

AD Productions can offer the following range of chrome based chemicals products, all of which are REACH registered.

  • Sodium Dichromate Solution (liquid product alternative for powder 2AQ and 0AQ)
  • Chromic Acid/ Chromium Trioxide (flakes and solution)
  • Chrome III Phosphate solution
  • Chrome III Sulphate solution
  • Chrome III Nitrate solution
  • Chrome III Formate solution


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Sodium dichromate chemicals

AD Productions is an expert in sodium dichromate solutions.

Chromic Acid

AD is an expert in handling and producing chromic acid (dichromic acid, chromium trioxide anhydrous) flakes and solutions.

Chromium Hydroxy Nitrate

AD Productions manufactures Chromium Hydroxy Nitrate. Common areas of usage for these chemicals are in (metal) surface treatment and the production of catalysts.

Chromium phosphate

AD has expertise in producing various chromium trivalent based chemicals, in line with the highest quality standards.