Custom Manufacturing,
Blending and Toll services

  • Toll manufacturer with an extensive track record
  • Chemical products made to customers specifications
  • A full system supplier  – from formulation to delivery
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and REACH compliant

AD Productions is a service business that allows customers to benefit from AD International’s state of the art custom manufacturing, blending and toll service expertise in the heart of Western Europe.

toll blending vessel
toll blending tanks ad productions


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Chemical companies, from global conglomerates to regional and specialized suppliers, can benefit from AD Productions’ extensive capabilities in custom manufacturing, blending and toll services expertise, built over a period of more than 40 years in the chemical industry.

AD Productions is specialised in toll manufacturing, custom blending and repacking services, and has a track record of working for renowned chemical companies worldwide.

Customers can extend their supply capacity and can deliver products to their customers specifications without the need to invest in capital equipment or develop processes that are not available in their own facilities. Chemical suppliers who are required to deliver products outside of their regional capabilities, can also benefit from AD Productions location in the heart of Western Europe (see also 10 reasons to start contract manufacturing today)

AD Productions offers full R&D, formulation and pilot line capabilities and can extend their toll services to encompass purchasing, quality control, traceability, documentation and certification. Total program management skills ensure that customers own labeled products and brands are delivered to specification and on time.

Toll Manufacturing

AD Productions is a provider of contract manufacturing services based on an in-depth knowledge of products and processes.

Toll Blending service

AD Productions is a service business specialised in (chemical) toll blending. Customers can benefit from AD International’s state of the art manufacturing expertise.