Toll manufacturing services

AD Productions is a provider of contract toll manufacturing services based on an in-depth knowledge of products and processes, state of the art manufacturing facilities and a proven track record for quality, safety, consistency and environmental caring and compliance. AD Productions is strategically located and can serve as the gateway to the European market for international businesses.

Production is based on batch processes that can run volumes from 300 to 30.000 liters and finished products can be packaged to meet customer specifications in volumes from 1 liter to isocontainers and bulk tanks.

Production capabilities

  • Blending of liquid/liquid and liquid/powder blends (hazardous & non-hazardous chemicals), packaging from 25L pail, drum, IBC to road tankers
  • Blending of powders (packaging from 250 grams to big bags)
  • Capacity varying for 300 litres up til 30.000 litres
  • Possibility to purge with and produce under nitrogen (ATEX zone)
  • Possibility to blend at higher temperatures (80°C)
  • Contract packaging, filling, labelling (CLP/GHS compliant)
  • Possibility to fill the products into packages from 25 litres up to road tankers or Iso containers
  • Temperature controlled storage up to 70°C(hot room)
  • Production facility is equipped with a sprinkler and gas extinguishing system

Permits and Licenses

In order to produce (dangerous) chemicals in a safe and responsible way, the AD production plant is compliant with:

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Responsible Care
  • Ecovadis membership
  • REACH; The European Union is a global leader in the safe use, manufacture, handling and storage of chemical substances highlighted by the REACH initiative.
  • Seveso III; AD Productions is committed to meet all safety and environmental requirements and is one of the few chemical toll blenders that meet the stringent Netherlands BRZO legislation (European Seveso III) with the intention to minimalize the risk of accidents concerning dangerous chemicals.
  • AD Productions offer customers a complete service to gain permits and licenses related to their products and end-use markets. This encompasses the use and storage of the full range of products including extremely acidic, poisonous (T+) chemicals and flammable substances. Where necessary, processing in a nitrogen rich environment is available.

Products, made to customers’ specifications, are manufactured to meet legislation, regional and intercompany requirements, as well as market driven initiatives to ensure that they are brought to market without delay and unexpected costs.

With many years of experience in contract manufacturing chemical compositions, AD Productions has developed a robust manufacturing system based on in-house and industry best practices. Production facilities are equipped with a range of safety and environmental systems including; carbon cleaner extraction systems, water sprinklers, three separate waste water systems and extensive anti-leak safety systems.

Laboratory Services

AD Productions has invested in leading edge, industry standard laboratory facilities that offer a full range of quality control and product development services. Products can be tailored to meeting customer cost and quality requirements and development time can be reduced thanks to AD’s in-depth knowledge and experience.

Stringent quality control is applied to each production batch to virtually eliminate the risk of deviation to the agreed specification and control methods. AD continuously monitors customers’ products and offers innovative solutions and ideas to continuously improve product performance, quality and cost.

AD Productions has the highest regard and reputation for protecting client confidentiality and non disclosure is standard practice.

Logistics Services

AD Productions offices and production facilities are centrally located between Rotterdam and Antwerp, two of Europe’s most important ports, and is ideally situated in the heart of the Dutch chemical industry.

AD Productions offers an extensive logistics service which ranges from purchasing, stock keeping, labeling and delivery to end-use customers with track and trace capabilities.


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Toll Blending service

AD Productions is a service business specialised in (chemical) toll blending. Customers can benefit from AD International’s state of the art manufacturing expertise.