Reaction products of acetic anhydride and adipic acid

REACH compliance of reaction products of acetic anhydride and adipic acid used in starch modification

We are introducing our newly developed material:  “reaction products of acetic anhydride and adipic acid”. This material is commonly used in the acetylation and Cross-Binding of starch based materials. We want to emphasize  that many companies are still unware that this in fact is a reactive chemical product that needs to be registered under REACH. AD International has obtained a registration under registration number: 01-2120115217-67-0000. This registration was accomplished in close conjunction with REACHLaw, an independent global consultancy firm, specialised in REACH registration processes. For more details about our product and its REACH registration please refer to the whitepaper which can be downloaded below.

REACH:acetic anhydride and adipic acid

As AD International we are specialized in producing and supplying specialty chemicals under REACH registration. AD International offers it’s customers in depth REACH understanding and experience in registering products.

We therefore strongly advise businesses using our product to only use the REACH registered mixture of AD International in their production processes. By doing so you make sure that you directly comply with applicable REACH obligations. Not using a REACH registered product may result in an offence  of a technical nature, meaning that you do not comply with the registration and evaluation duty. The absence of registration or pre-registration will be considered as serious breach of legislation.

Product offer AD International

AD International has successfully developed a commercial available mixed acetic/adipic anhydride mixture which can be used in the acetylation and Cross-Binding of starch based materials, taking away the need for making these reactive mixtures on-site and ensuring full compliance to the REACH Regulation concerning placing products on the EU market. The adipic acid content of the supplied mixed anhydride can be adjusted between 1-15 Wt% to accommodate specific customer process needs.

Currently quite similar products are made in the process of the starch modifying plants, but making the actual reaction products of adipic acid in acetic anhydride is not considered the core business of these plants.

The products can be supplied in coated drums, IBC’s and there are also capabilities for tank truck delivery, or delivery in an ISO (IMDG) container.


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