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AD Productions, located in the European Union, is a renowned supplier of speciality chemicals. AD is an expert in handling and producing chromic acid (dichromic acid, chromium trioxide anhydrous) flakes and solutions. AD Productions supplies its chromium based products around the globe.



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Chromic Acid (Dichromic Acid, Chromium Trioxide Anhydrous)

Chromic Acid liquid solutions are an appropriate and cost-effective method of shipping bulk quantities. Liquids are convenient because the need for manual handling (crystal dissolving) is not required. Liquid chromic acid chemicals therefore, offer a cleaner, safer and healthier working environment and can lower costs, due to reduced housekeeping and maintenance requirements.

AD Productions is capable of producting custom chromic acid solutions tailored to specific customer demands.

Product information Chromium Trioxide

Chromium trioxide (dichromic acid, chromic acid) is an inorganic compound with the formula CrO3. It is the acidic anhydride of chromic acid, although in the general market place, the names are often used interchangeably. It is frequently used in the electroplating industry.

Product information: Chromic Acid
Chromic Acid (Dichromic Acid, Chromium Trioxide) FlakesChromic Acid (Dichromic Acid, Chromium Trioxide) solutions
AD Product name:Chromium TrioxideChromium Trioxide Sol.
Appearance: Solid, flakes form, odourless, dark red colour Liquid, odourless, orange colour
CAS Number: 1333-82-0For compounds/Ingredients
EC number: 215-607-8215-607-8
Index number:024-004-01-4
IUPAC name: TrioxochromiumTrioxochromium solution
Quality: The dichromic acid we offer has a minimum of 99 % CrO3 ,with very low impurities.We can supply at a maximum concentrations of 30%, please contact us for the possibilities.

REACH (EC 1907/2006)

AD International is fully aware of REACH and its implications. As a chromic acid solution producer for some of the world’s most renowned chemical companies, we are committed to continuously meeting our legal obligations. AD International has a full REACH registration for handling this substance, including metal finishing.

REACH Registration number:                      01-2119458868-17


Safety label information

Restricted to professional users. Always refer to the Material Safety datasheet for correct use. Chromic acid (powders and solutions) are hazardous substances and can harm your health and the environment if used inappropriately. Labelling according to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008. The substance is classified and labelled according to the CLP regulation.

Safety information: Chromic Acid
Chromic Acid (Dichromic Acid, Chromium Trioxide) FlakesChromic Acid (Dichromic Acid, Chromium Trioxide) solutions
Hazard pictogram codes:GHS03 GHS05 GHS06 GHS07 GHS08 GHS09GHS05 GHS06 GHS07 GHS08 GHS09
Signal word: DangerDanger
Hazard-determining components of labelling:Chromium trioxideChromium trioxide

Packaging and delivery

AD Productions produces and distributes its chromate based product range from the manufacturing facility in Heijningen, the Netherlands. The facility is centrally located in the heart of Western Europe, close to both the Port of Rotterdam as well as the Port of Antwerp.

Packaging information: Chromic Acid
Chromic Acid (Dichromic Acid, Chromium Trioxide) FlakesChromic Acid (Dichromic Acid, Chromium Trioxide) solutions
Minimum order quantity (MOQ):250 KG~1400 KG (1 IBC)
Delivery time (approx.):On requestOn request
Packaging:50 KG Tinplate CANIBC
ADR:5.1 + 6.1, 8 / UN1463 (solid)8/ UN1755 (liquid)

Please note; AD Productions is a service business, other (custom) packaging demands can be arranged on request.

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Application areas

Chromic Acid (Dichromic Acid, Chromium Trioxide) is most known for its use in the metal finishing (intermediate in chromium plating) industry. Other common uses are as a wood preservative, production of plastic products, ceramic glazes and to clean laboratory glassware.

Alternate chemical market names/ synonyms

Chromium(VI) oxide, Chromium(VI) trioxide, Chromtrioxid, Trioxochromium, Chromium (VI) Oxide, Chromium Trioxide, 11910080KROMSAV-ANHIDRID IP. 99%, Aktivkohle, imprägniert, Typ PLWK, Chromium Catalyst (Activated) CrO3, Chromsaure, Chroomzuur, CR 0218 P, CU-0433 T 1/8, D 3818 S 5 x 8, D 6600 T 1/8, Octolyst, Specialyst, Chromic acid, Chromium Trioxide Anhydrous, dichromic acid, dihydrogen(tetraaoxidochromate), 231-801-5 [EINECS], Dihydroxidodioxidochromium, dihydroxy-dioxochromium, dihydroxy-dioxo-chromium, H2CrO4, SOLID CHROMIC ACID, tetraoxochromic acid, UNII:SA8VOV0V7Q , UNII-SA8VOV0V7Q,铬酸 [Chinese], Chromium, dihydroxydioxo- [ACD/Index Name], Dihydroxy(dioxo)chrom [German]  [ACD/IUPAC Name], Dihydroxy(dioxo)chrome [French]  [ACD/IUPAC Name], Dihydroxy(dioxo)chromium  [ACD/IUPAC Name], [CrO2(OH)2], 11115-74-5  [RN], 1333-82-0  [RN], 13530-68-2  [RN], 13765-19-0  [RN], 199384-58-2  [RN], 237391-94-5  [RN], 24934-60-9  [RN], 7738-94-5  [RN], 9044-10-4  [RN], Acide chromique [French], Chromatite syn, chromic acid (H2CrO4), chromic(VI) acid, Chromium hydroxide oxide , chromic anhydride

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