Galvanized zinc based alloys

AD Chemicals supplies a range of products for the pre-treatment of hot-dip galvanized steel and for zinc based alloys.

Hot-dip galvanizing:

AD Chemicals supplies a range of products that pre-treat substrates and enable the hot-dip galvanizing process:

  • Degreasers, etch additives, inhibitors, flux en passivation products

‘White rust’ the enemy of hot-dip galvanized steel strip, profiles, tubes and pipes is in itself a form of corrosion that occurs during storage and is unacceptable for critical applications in automobile, white goods, construction and other industries. Passivation treatments form a barrier to corrosion and are suitable for post painting. Passivation products are both economic and effective in use. AD Chemicals broad based knowledge and experience is available as a development service such that customers specify their passivation requirements, tailored to the substrate type and application process.


AD Chemicals produces and supplies a range of products to prepare the surface of substrates prior to powder-coating that enhance adhesion and the surface quality of the finished product. These products can be applied by dip and spray processes.

These products include:

  • Degreasers, Etch, Etch additives, chromate based products and chrome free products.
  • Paint strippers for hot-dip galvanized steel

AD Chemicals has developed a range of chrome free products for both general purpose use as well as tailored products to meet customers specific needs and requirements.

All AD Chemicals powder coating; pre-treatment products meet the requirements of the Qualisteelcoat standard.

AD Chemicals also supplies a range of products for other Zinc based substrates with specific properties such as Sendzimir and Zamac.


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Passivation ADL-32

Passivation ADL-32 is a hexavalent chrome free water-based conversion coating for freshly galvanised steel surface. It can be used directly in the quench tank. Excellent white rust protection.

PreCoat Z31

PreCoat Z31 is a chromium(VI)-free pre-treatment for hot-dip galvanized steel that has to be pretreated prior to the coating process, the so called DUPLEX coating.


AD Chemicals supplies a range of products for the pre-treatment prior to powder coating, anodizing and passivation of aluminum substrates.

Iron and Steel

AD Chemicals has built a reputation for innovation and product improvement and has developed a range of alternative products for the phosphating process based on polymers and silane based binders.


AD Chemicals produce and supply a range of products that surround the electro-chemical polishing process of many substrates such as titanium, stainless steel and aluminum.