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Toll manufacturing/blending also known as contract manufacturing or contract blending is a service whereby the production of (complex) chemical products is outsourced to a third party company (blender). Nowadays it is a common service for chemical companies, from global conglomerates through to regional and specialized suppliers to reduce production risks. You supply the formula and the toll blender scales up your formula, blends it to your specifications and then packages the product and delivers it to your or (when specified) directly to your customer.

FAQ 1: Does the toll manufacturer provide the ingredients/raw materials to blend or do I?

This dependents on your own specific needs. Some companies wish to outsource the complete process of producing chemicals, including purchasing of ingredients/raw materials, others choose to provide the ingredients themselves. A good toll manufacturer adopts its way of working to your business needs.

FAQ 2: Will my formula be safe when choosing for toll blending services?

No doubt about it. A toll manufacturer should welcome NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with business partners to ensure absolute confidentiality.

FAQ 3: How about regulations compliancy?

Toll manufacturers that produce for the top 50 chemical companies are often already compliant with current regulations, meaning that you are able to reduce your regulations compliancy risks (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, REACH et al.).

AD Productions

AD Productions offers toll manufacturing & blending services to help you formulate, blend, package, and/or private label your powder/liquid chemical products. We have some of the most advanced chemical blending equipment at our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified plant and can produce compliant with REACH and Seveso III regulations. Therefore we are one of the most up-to-date toll blending companies in the EU.

For more information contact AD or visit or toll blending services page.