10 reasons to start contract
manufacturing your
chemicals today

Ever wondered about 10 reasons to start contract manufacturing your chemicals? The following are just a few of the benefits.

  1. Focus on your core business, contract manufacturing (also known as toll manufacturing or toll blending in the chemical industry) offers you the possibility to outsource your production permanently
  2. Able to use the expertise of the contract manufacturer in fields as legislation, blending, product testing, research, implementing new raw materials et al.
  3. No need for additional investment in your current production facilities when introducing a new product line or by (seasonal) spikes in orders
  4. Production costs are 100% flexible (no orders, no overall costs/fixed costs)
  5. Flexible packaging & logistic solutions (capable to handle all kind of packaging e.g. cans, drums, IBC, bulk deliveries et. al.)
  6. Synergy advantages in perspective of purchasing raw materials (packaging et al.) which ensures cost effective producing
  7. Reduce your regulations compliancy risks for chemicals (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, REACH et al.).
  8. Manufacturers located in other regions (of the EU) or overseas can choose a toll blending partner when they need to provide chemical products to their customers in another part of the world
  9. Secondary source, a toll blender can fulfill your manufacturing needs quickly in urgent situations
  10. Confidentially, by signing non-disclosure confidentiality agreements you can  toll blend for with the assurance that your formulation stays your formulation

Start contract manufacturing your chemicals with AD productions

AD Productions offers contract manufacturing services to help you formulate, blend, package, and/or private label your powder/liquid chemical products. We have some of the most advanced chemical blending equipment at our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified plant and can produce compliant with REACH and Seveso III regulations. Therefore we are one of the most up-to-date toll blending companies in the EU. Our facility is strategically located close to the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp in the chemical heart of Europe.


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Toll Manufacturing

AD Productions is a provider of contract manufacturing services based on an in-depth knowledge of products and processes..

Chrome Based Chemicals

AD Productions has extensive experience in handling chromates and chromic acids that have a wide range of uses and applications.