The brandname PreCoat

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  • PreCoat stands for conversion coatings free of hexavalent chromium
  • PreCoat processes meet the highest quality standards
  • PreCoat is a pre-treatment philosophy

PreCoat, an AD Chemicals brand, stands for a range of chromium(VI) free processes, complete chromefree or on a trivalent chrome basis.  The PreCoat brand is worldwide known for high performance pre-treatment processes.

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PreCoat is the brandname of the AD Chemicals chrome free conversion coatings. PreCoat literally means before coating. A conversion is typically the last pre-treatment step prior to the coating process. Whether this is a powdercoating or wet-paint with PreCoat you are assured of a solid foundation for your coating system.

At AD Chemicals, PreCoat stands for a philosophy, a quality mindset, a perfect finish for the most high demanding pre-treatment applications.

PreCoat conversion coatings

PreCoat refers to a wide range of conversion coatings for a wide range of metal substrates. AD offers PreCoats for aluminium, galvanized alloys, steel/iron and special alloys. All products of the PreCoat family have one thing in common. They will enable you to work free of chromium(VI) without giving in on quality. Quality is in our philosophy a robust chemical process, that is easy to monitor and manage and results in a conversion layer on the metal substrate that gives sublime paint adhesion, corrosion protection and in some cases passivation properties.

Therefore PreCoat meets international quality standards such as Qualicoat, Qualisteelcoat, GSB and MIL spec.

PreCoat philosophy, the PreCoat pre-treatment system

When we talk about a PreCoat process we mean the complete pre-treatment system, typically consisting out of a cleaning/degreasing process, several rinses, an etching process and a PreCoat conversion coating for the perfect finish.

Quality that exceeds the market standard

It is the goal of AD to exceed the current market standard. Our PreCoat systems are worldwide known as high performance pre-treatments that are innovative and deliver to promises made.


AD Chemicals supplies a range of products for the pre-treatment prior to powder coating, anodizing and passivation of aluminum substrates


AD Chemicals supplies a range of products for the pre-treatment of hot dip galvanized steel and for hot zinc processes.

Iron and Steel

AD Chemicals has built a reputation for innovation and product improvement and has developed a range of alternative products for the phosphating process based on polymers and silane based binders


AD Chemicals produce and supply a range of products that surround the electro-chemical polishing process of many substrates such as titanium, stainless steel and aluminum.