PreCoat A32 Passivation for aluminum

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  • Alternative for Chrome (VI) based conversion coatings
  • For high-end applications in automotive, aerospace and electronics
  • Meets or exceeds Qualicoat, GSB and MIL-DTL 81706B/5541 standards

PreCoat A32 is a trivalent chromium based passivation for aluminum. It creates a clear thin conversion layer on the aluminum substrate. Switching this hexavalent chromium free system is possible without major line modifications.



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PreCoat A32: Passivation system for aluminium

Application of PreCoat A32 creates a passivation layer on the aluminium surface. This passivation layer provides so called bare corrosion protection, in other words; corrosion protection of the aluminium without a coating. The characteristics of this layer are comparable with hexavalent chromium based passivation layers and in some cases it even outperforms chromium-6 corrosion protection values. The product has been independently tested by a research institute affiliated to the European Space Agency (ESA).The outcome of this research is that it has been identified as one the most promising chromium-free anticorrosion pretreatments currently available worldwide.

Application areas

Common application areas for PreCoat A32 are: Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Architectural/Construction industry.

PreCoat A32 provides superior corrosion resistance and durable adhesive bonding with chromium-free organic (powder)- coatings and structural adhesives. For application in the electronics industry, it’s high electrical surface conductivity is advantageous.

 Quality standard

Extensive laboratory and field testing demonstrates that PreCaoat A32 meets or exceeds the quality standards described in Qualicoat, GSB and MIL-DTL 81706B/5541. Therefore it is a very good alternative to hexavalent chromium based pretreatment and passivation systems.

Corrosion resistance according to ASTM B117

Bare corrosion resistance per aluminium alloy.

AlloyBare corrosion resistance
AA2024 Coil168
AA5005>1000 hr
AA5754>1000 hr
AA6060>1000 hr
AA6061-T6>3000 hr
AA6063>1000 hr
AA6082>1000 hr

Exceeding the market standard

Many surface treatment operations desire certification by industry organizations, especially when applied to new and technically driven products. Customers have come to rely on AD Chemicals to assist in or lead the certification process. All AD Chemicals products meet or exceed current market standards such as GSB, Qualicoat, Qualisteelcoat, Qualanod and MIL. Today AD Chemicals can rely on more than 40 years of experience in metal surface treatment, from which are more than 15 years with chromium(VI)- free technologies that exceed or meet the market standard!


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