Chemical metal surface pre-treatment

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  • Improved adhesion, corrosion protection and cost effective processing
  • Meeting expectations through broad based expertise in depth knowledge and state of the art facilities
  • Certified products and processes from a full service partner

AD Chemicals, part of AD International, develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of metal surface pre-treatment chemicals used in batch process, spray, bath and cascade application systems..

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Pre-treatment is an essential process on aluminum, hot-dip galvanized steel, steel and multi-metals products that are coated or anodized to provide a durable and attractive finish. Pre-treatments have a huge range of requirements on a complex combination of substrate forms and materials. This drives the need for close working relationships, consultation, testing and pilot line experimentation.

AD and its constituent businesses, profit from extensive R&D facilities, manned by highly qualified and experienced staff, that drive new and innovative solutions as well as ensuring that continuous improvements are made to products in production. AD Chemicals draws knowledge and expertise from across the range of AD International disciplines to provide customers with the best possible advice from a leader in its field. This results in robust and reliable processes that are efficient and cost effective. Many surface treatment operations require certification by industry organizations, especially when applied to new and technically driven products. Customers have come to rely on AD Chemicals to assist in or lead the certification process.

AD Chemicals’ surface treatment solutions meet the QUALICOAT / GSB / QUALANOD quality label which is an international organization committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of coating on aluminium and its alloys. For steel substrates the AD chemicals pretreatments meet or exceed the QUALISTEELCOAT standard.


AD Chemicals supplies a range of products for the pre-treatment prior to powder coating, anodizing and passivation of aluminum substrates.

Galvanized alloys

AD Chemicals supplies a range of products for the pre-treatment of hot dip galvanized steel and for hot zinc processes.

Iron and Steel

AD Chemicals has built a reputation for innovation and product improvement and has developed a range of alternative products for the phosphating process based on polymers and silane based binders.


AD Chemicals produce and supply a range of products that surround the electro-chemical polishing process of many substrates such as titanium, stainless steel and aluminum.