Primecoat Thin Organic

Thin Organic Coatings (TOC’s) are applied in a continuous process to hot-dip galvanized steel strip and other metal substrates, and can offer a wide range of benefits; from anti-fingerprinting to improving, forming and enabling enhanced corrosion protection.

AD CCT produces a range of PRIMECOAT TOC’s, that have proven capabilities at low coating thickness of 1 micron or less and are fully compliant with environmental regulations and customer EH&S requirements.

PRIMECOAT TOC product lines

  • PRIMECOAT® Z838 series, based on trivalent chrome TOC
  • PRIMECOAT® Z808 series, complete chrome free TOC. Product can be used both as a TOC and by using a different concentration as a passivaton
  • PRIMECOAT® Z838series perform well on most common zinc-coated steel types such as Zinc, Mg-Al-Zn, Galvalume, Galfan, Galvanealed


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‘White rust’ the enemy of zinc coated steel strip is in itself a form of corrosion that occurs during storage and is unacceptable for critical applications in, white goods, construction and other industries.


Durability and extended end-use life are demands that consumers take for granted and expect continuous improvement year on year. Paint adhesion and corrosion resistance are


Oils and greases used during processing as well as other forms of surface contamination must be removed. This can be achieved using either acid or alkaline based cleaners depending on