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PreCoat CR Free

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  • Worldwide best chromefree pretreatment for aluminium
  • Superb adhesion, corrosion protection and cost effective processing
  • GSB and Qualicoat approved
  • Indepedently tested by IFO for 3000 hours AASS

AD Chemicals PreCoat CR free is a complete chromefree pretreatment for aluminium that is used in the pretreatment of aluminium alloys prior to the coating process. PreCoat is known as the best hexavalent chromium alternative worldwide.

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Results AASS 3000 hours

Results after 3000 hours AASS according DIN EN ISO 9227 performed by IFO (Germany).

precoat cr free salt spray test

AD, the Chromefree pretreatment specialist

Also companies that are seeking improvement in an already chromefree process can count on AD. AD has an extensive track record in optimizing the performance and efficiency of chemical pretreatment lines.


AD Chemicals supplies a range of products for the pre-treatment prior to powder coating, anodizing and passivation of aluminum substrates.


AD Chemicals produce and supply a range of products that surround the electro-chemical polishing process of many substrates such as titanium, stainless steel and aluminum.