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Checklist for selecting a toll manufacturer

In this checklist we would like to summarize several facts you should take into account when selecting a toll manufacturer.   NDA/Confidentiality: Always check if you are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy partner with a significant track record in blending/tolling chemicals confidentially. A company should welcome NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with business partners/clients to ensure […]

Tata Steel launches new lubrication treatment for outer panels

Following close cooperation with a leading chemicals supplier, Tata Steel has launched Prime Lubrication Treatment (PLT), a so-called booster lubricant, consisting of a thin coating that is applied in the galvanising line prior to applying the conventional oil layer. The combination of PLT and oil is claimed to provide a superior lubrication system that improves […]


Alternative Corrosion Protection Pre-treatments for Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium alloys are extensively used in space programs for both structural and non-structural applications. As well known, the corrosion resistance of these alloys is quite limited and anticorrosion treatment is needed. The most used treatment currently used for improving the corrosion resistance of aluminium alloys are usually chromate (CrVI-based) conversion coatings (CCC). Due to the […]

AD Chemicals sponsors handball club Groene Ster

AD sponsors Groene Ster. Because sport enables the right chemistry between body and mind, AD contributes this year as a sponsor for the Groene Ster handball association from Zevenbergen. As AD Chemicals, we have the credo; Exceeding the market standard in chromium (VI) free chemical solutions. We hope that Green Star will exceed the standard in handball the upcoming season and wins the championship. We wish Groen Ster lots of sporting successes!


Most promising innovation for grit blasting ; Combining blasting and chemical pretreatment

One of the most important factors influencing paint adhesion and corrosion resistance is surface preparation. To ensure optimum performance and long-term environmental resistance, metal substrates must be free of organic and inorganic contaminants. To prepare a surface one can basically choose between 2 options, blasting or chemical pretreatment.   Mechanical/Blasting – Abrasive particles (sand, grit […]


Innovative chromium (VI)- free processes (AD Chemicals/Weert Group)

  PreCoat Z31 for galvanized steel: First in Europe AD Chemicals (chemical supplier) and Weert Group (galvanizer and powder coating applicator) are introducing an innovative chromium (VI)- free pretreatment system prior to powder coating on galvanized steel (Duplex-system). Weert Group is the first galvanizer in Europe to implement this new technology that complies with both […]

AD Chemicals present at EUROFINISH 2017, 10+11/05 2017

AD Chemcials will be present at EUROFINISH 2017.  AD Chemicals will demonstrate its new innovations for chromium(VI) free pretreatment of galvanized steel. Furthermore we will show our PreCoat F31/20 and Z31/20 for grit blasted steel.   Eurofinish is organized bij VOM (Belgian association for surface finishing techniques) and takes place the 10th and 11th of […]

Exporting chemicals to Europe, tolling is a valid option

In the world of common day a lot of large and small international companies choose deliberately for toll manufacturing of their chemicals when they expand their business to Europe. Toll manufacturing is also known as tolling, contract manufacturing or blending/mixing services. There are many well known advantages such as ability to focus on the core […]