Anodizing products

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  • A range of anodizing products that assist and improve the anodizing process
  • FASTSEAL a QUALANOD (QND-005) certified process
  • Expert knowledge of anodizing process

AD Chemicals offers a wide variety of chemicals and additives for the anodizing process. Anodising products are used in an electrochemical process which converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant oxide layer. This aluminium oxide layer is fully integrated with the underlying aluminium substrate. This means it cannot chip or peel. Whereas a coating or plating is applied to the surface.

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An anodizing layer has a highly ordered, porous structure which allows for secondary processes such as colouring. By using the products of AD Chemicals anodising layers can be achieved that meet all the quality standards for outdoor use, such as QUALANOD.

Anodizing products

  • A range of products that assist and improve the anodizing process
  • Degreasers, etch, chemical brighteners, de-anodizing, anodizing additives, electro chemical and sealing.
  • AD Chemicals is approved by QUALANOD (QND-005) for its FASTSEAL process.
  • Seals: products for hot and cold sealing of the anodized layer

Exceeding the market standard

AD Chemicals has a good track record of working for large anodizing companies. With the expert knowledge of AD Chemicals clients are able to further improve the quality and efficiency of their process lines.


AD Chemicals supplies a range of products for the pre-treatment prior to powder coating, anodizing and passivation of aluminum substrates.

Galvanized alloys

AD Chemicals supplies a range of products for the pre-treatment of hot dip galvanized steel and for hot zinc processes.

Iron and Steel

AD Chemicals has built a reputation for innovation and product improvement and has developed a range of alternative products for the phosphating process based on polymers and silane based binders


AD Chemicals produce and supply a range of products that surround the electro-chemical polishing process of many substrates such as titanium, stainless steel and aluminum.