Coil Coating

  • High Performance chemistry meeting critical demands for complex production processes
  • A wide range of options for a wide range of applications
  • Guaranteed results through proven products, experience and knowledge based support

AD CCT a division of AD International develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of metal surface pre-treatment chemicals used in continuous manufacturing processes.

Coil coating chemicals
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Specialist knowledge and extensive experience in high volume, surface treatments and cleaning technology has placed AD CCT at the forefront of suppliers of chemicals to coil and strip manufacturers of aluminum, steel, tinplated steel, and steel strip

Cost effective production with guaranteed quality is the key to the manufacturing of strip products that can be found in many applications across industries such as automotive, white goods and throughout the building world.  All are driven by consumer demand and global economics and with ever increasing requirements for improved performance, quality and environmental protection.

Process support and optimization is a key feature of the added value that AD CCT delivers which is a critical element in processes that are continuous and where cost and competitiveness govern success.

Cleaning, corrosion protection and surface treatments prior to value added processes such as coating and laminating are critical to meeting end use specifications. AD CCT range of products has been developed based on an in-depth knowledge of customers’ production processes and how chemicals can be most effectively applied to meet all the critical demands.

AD CCT can offer a wide range of treatment and cleaning solutions for coiled materials such as:

  • Passivation
  • Pre-treatments
  • Thin Organic Coatings (TOC)
  • Cleaners


‘White rust’ the enemy of zinc coated steel strip is in itself a form of corrosion that occurs during storage and is unacceptable for critical applications in, white goods, construction and other industries.


Durability and extended end-use life are demands that consumers take for granted and expect continuous improvement year on year. Paint adhesion and corrosion resistance are

Thin Organic Coatings

Thin Organic Coatings (TOC’s) are applied in a continuous process to hot dip galvanized steel strip and other metal substrates, and can offer a wide range of benefits from anti-fingerprinting to


Oils and greases used during processing as well as other forms of surface contamination must be removed. This can be achieved using either acid or alkaline based cleaners depending on